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Hormones play a major role in all aspects of a man’s metabolism. Overall feelings of vitality, performance and strength are effected by the dominance of testosterone. Testosterone levels as we age decline at an alarming rate. It’s been shown that average testosterone levels of a man have decreased by 1% per year since the 1980s. This is not just affecting middle aged men either, teenagers and even females are also being diagnosed with substantially low levels of testosterone.

To make matters worse, a majority of the factors that are causing the decline, are not in our control. Environmental factors such as pollution causes reduced testosterone production in men and women. Exposure to human-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) has also been linked to reduced testosterone production, meaning the use of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The hormone testosterone is crucial for building muscle, strength and a healthy libido. What isn’t so well known is that testosterone is essential for optimal health and general well-being. The health consequences of low testosterone levels surpass your gym gains and bedroom activities. Low testosterone levels have been linked to increased body fat, a decrease in cognitive function effecting focus, cognitive sharpness, increased risk for depressive mental states, osteoporosis and bone loss, and increased cardiac risks such as heart disease. Not only are decreasing testosterone levels depriving you of improvements as an athlete, they are depriving you of your health.

Ballistic Labs TRT is clinically formulated to elevate testosterone levels with the use of safe, legitimately sourced pharmaceutical grade ‘nutraceuticals’. Ballistics Labs TRT contains a modest amount of the top seven naturally derived, plant-based (vegan) sourced ingredients to increase the body’s natural testosterone production through multiple metabolic pathways. Ballistic Labs TRT has been formulated not just to elevate testosterone levels, but to also naturally raise growth hormone (GH) levels as well. Growth hormone is the ‘master hormone’ these two hormones combined are the “quarterbacks” of hormones, if hormones played football.  Raising both of these hormones collectively will stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue and promote massive increases in strength, endurance, recovery, energy and libido. Your gains are controlled by the collective, of these two, and Ballistic Labs TRT gives you one product that delivers all the support you need. The optimal dose for with TRT is suggested at 4 capsules two-times a day, you can use a ‘half’ dose for general health and well-being. TRT is fully loaded with great ingredients, and something is far better than nothing at all!

Ballistic Labs TRT also contains a comprehensive natural anti-estrogen or anti-aromatizing support blend to level-out estrogen and remove the metabolites that build up and circulate in your metabolism, preventing physical health concerns like water retention and fatty tissue build-up under the areola also known as gynecomastia. TRT helps to keep looking you ‘drier’ and ‘tighter’. Ballistic Labs TRT nothing compares to its unique and solid formula!

Other Ingredients: Magnesium stearate (vegetable grade),  sillicon dioxide, certified Halal and Kosher gelatin capsule

Supported by natural ingredients, here is what’s behind Ballistic Labs TRT:

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens a plant native to Asia and Africa. The active ingredient in mucuna pruriens is Levodopa (L-DOPA). Mucuna pruriens extract has shown more potential effectiveness than synthetic L-DOPA, as it is released slower in the body and maintains its activity in the blood much longer than its synthetic form.

There are several scientifically proven benefits from supplementing with mucuna pruriens:

 Reduced levels of cortisol (stress-homone).

Activation of androgen receptors (testosterone activators), increased testosterone.

A boost in dopamine production causing increases in focus, alert fullness, and cognitive function, dopamine is responsible for elevating your mood.

Increased growth hormone.

Reduced prolactin levels.


Ashwagandha is known as an “adaptogen”, a term given to a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and maintain optimal hormonal balance. Ashwaganda is clinically supported to:

 Adrenal stress, reduced cortisol, supplementation has shown reduced cortisol levels by a surmountable 27% while significantly reducing anxiety and cognitive-stress.

Increase physical power-output and endurance capacity.

Increase testosterone and improved fertility.

Improve heart health, reducing serum triglycerides, increasing HDL (good) cholesterol, and decreasing LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Boost immune function by increasing T-cell and killer-cell counts (fighter cells).


 Fenugreek use has shown the following benefits:

It raises testosterone and elevates libido, your physical ‘drive’ is improved.   

Raises testosterone as it inhibits the enzymes that break down testosterone.

Fenugreek seed's ability to lower blood sugar,it increases muscle insulin sensitivity. improves overall glucose metabolism, and a reduction in body fat.

Pleurotus eryngii

The common name of this unique ingredient in Ballistic Labs TRT is ‘King Oyster Mushroom' that is rich in bioactive, and utilizable plant sterols, these compounds are well known as contributing factors in reducing LDL (bad cholesterol). King fits the name of this power phytonutrient, supplementing with pleurotus eryngii elevates testosterone levels. Research with the king oyster mushroom has had a positive reaction with the immune system, and gives it a boost as well. Preliminary studies have found that king oyster mushroom may increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis, due to mineral loss.

Tongkat ali

Tongkat ali is a popular male-tonic phytonutrient. It is a common regional plant in Indonesia and Malaysia that contains plant-based steroidal saponins. Eurycomanone,is the active element and helps induce the associated aphrodisiac state and physical pro-erectile state. This is not your average phytonutrient, its potent! Clinical data reports that Tongkat ali supplementation is one of the leading testosterone boosting herbal, increases in fertility, gamete motility and volume, reduces cortisol, and prevents testosterone from aromatization. One study with 76 male subjects supplemented with 200 mg of a standardized, isolated form of tongkat ali extract for one month, and the increase of testosterone was a surmountable 46%.

Ballistic Labs TRT has 244mg of this remarkable herbal, plus, a collective of other testosterone boosting power-plants!

Further studies concluded that tongkat ali has proven beneficial with both men AND women.  Of 63 subjects: 32 men and 31 women, daily tongkat ali supplementation for four weeks yielded a reduction in cortisol levels by 16% and increased testosterone levels 37%.

Devil’s-weed (90% saponin)

Commonly known as tribulus terrestris, the active ingredient that is responsible for the natural medical support is called protodioscin. Protodioscin is a plant-based steroidal compound that increases the concentration of androgen receptors in cells, which in turn causes you to become more sensitive to androgens (male hormones) like testosterone. In essence, devil’s-weed doesn’t actually increase your testosterone levels - it makes your body more sensitive to the testosterone you already have, and to top that Ballistic Labs TRT has the most potent form, it is the best of the best yielding a whopping 90% saponin level. Comparably some other companies use only a standardized 45% saponin extract. Devil’s-weed supplementation may improve overall cardiovascular health as well, a healthy heart and healthy androgen support.

DIM (diindolylmethane)

Diindolylmethane is a plant-derived compound found in cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower. Trying to get enough of this special compound, for its intended purpose is challenges, one would have to consume at least 2lbs of lightly cooked broccoli, and cabbage daily to get approximately 200mg of DIM. DIM is an extremely impressive compound it has been proven as an effective estrogen support supplement. DIM contributes to better control of your physical metabolism, and reduce a deficiency in male, age-related metabolism concerns and increases free testosterone levels. Supplementation has shown the following:

 DIM through its effects on estrogen metabolism supports testosterone by helping to maintain the level of free or ‘active’ testosterone. Free testosterone refers to testosterone that circulates in the blood and is not related to or bound by SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin); its carrier protein thus leaving free testosterone to cross the blood-brain barrier, enter fat cells, and strengthen muscle tissue.

 Act as an Aromatase Inhibitor. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. DIM suppresses aromatase activity, protecting testosterone from being converted into estrogen or commonly referred to as aromatization.

 Regulates hormone levels through the removal of ‘bad’ estrogens and increases the ‘good’.  To be specific, 2-hydroxy are good; 16-hydroxyare bad.

 Has been used as a natural treatment for prostate health, breast health, colon health in men and women.


Resveratrol is a naturally occurring plat-phenol found in foods like grapes and cocoa. It is a potent antioxidant (cell protector) that has been shown to help extend one’s life span, prevent cancer, and protect against heart disease, Alzheimer's, and diabetes. However, Resveratrol has recently been found to be more than just an antioxidant. Resveratrol also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and may increase testosterone, in fact, studies have shown up to a 51% increase.   Resveratrol has also contributed to a reduction in estrogen, as another anti-aromatasesupplement.

Piperine extract

When people hear the word ‘black pepper’ they think about a common shaker style seasoning commonly added to your food. The supplemental extract form is actually capable of providing remarkable health benefits.Piperineis the magical part of black pepper, it is the active component, and it is an extract, consuming handfuls of black pepper will not prove to be the same as the extract piperine. It is used to improve digestion, relieve stomach pain, enhance mood and mental function, and to prevent certain diseases, it is a carrier for numerous vitamins, and herbals. It increases their absorption substantially, that is piperine’s super-power; nutrient absorption and retention.

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