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  • Reduce Inflammation*
  • Support Recovery*
  • Aid Sleep*
  • Reduce Anxiety*
  • Reduce Pain
  • And Many More!!!

PURE CBD contains one of the highest mg/ ml CBD concentrations on the market at 66.66mg per ml. 

Our CBD is suspended in MCT oil which allows for superior delivery over the competition which use poor quality sunflower & Safflower oils. MCT oil is easily digested and much like carbohydrates is directly delivered into the cells for use as energy, making it the perfect carrier for CBD! These fatty acids bypass the bile emulsification process and pass straight through the liver and into the blood stream! This ensures that the CBD concentration is not degraded during digestion and you are left with the highest concentration possible. 

PURE CBD is also free of synthetic or non indigenous Terpenes. Many companies are using Terpene's that are not indigenous to the Cannabis plant and therefore are not enhancing the effect of their product but rather diminishing it. Over 95% of the Terpenes being used today are not true native terpenes. PURE CBD* does not use these unnatural terpenes, leaving us with the purest CBD. PURE CBD is also 100% derived from the Female Cannabis plant. Rendering it virtually 100% THC free. 

  • Free of synthetic Terpenes
  • 99.7% Pure CBD
  • Female Plant Derived 

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