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Black Magic Supply Day Spell is a focus and energy enhancing product that is designed to be used by anyone, for virtually anything. Whether you need that extra boost for the gym, concentration for studying, better alertness for gaming, or a pick-me-up to get your day going, Day Spell will take you to the next level.

The transparent features in Day Spell are Tyrosine and DMAE dosed at a gram and 750mg respectively, and 600mg each of Lion’s Mane and Alpha-GPC. As for the blend side of the supplement, it has an 1,010mg combination of PEA, Caffeine, Hordenine, Caffeine Citrate, Pine Bark, the branded ingredient Neurofactor, theophylline, and Arecoline HCl.

Available Flavor: Crazy Candy (Watermelon Candy Apple)

Ingredient Highlights: 

  • Tyrosine: Which helps produce dopamine and noradrenaline, to provide focus and energy.
  • DMAE: A nootropic that is a precursor to choline and then acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps nerve cells communicate. It boosts cognitive function and pairs well with stimulants.
  • Alpha-GPC: Used for Cognitive promoting properties and to enhance power output. Also helpful in delaying fatigue during exercise
  • PEA: Plays a key role in mood and cognition and is associated with heightened states of arousal and euphoria.
  • Pine Bark: Has been shown to stimulant the nervous system and increase blood flow.
  • Neurofactor: A patented product that uses the entire coffee plant, not just the bean, for energy. Stronger boost of energy compared to products that use coffee bean.
  • Theophylline: Used to improve breathing and stimulate the centrail nervous system to improve overall effect of other ingredients
  • Arecoline HCI: Increase mood, energy, and reduce fatigue

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