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Female Hormonal Support: 

  • Magnesium and Iodine: Provides optimal thyroid hormone balance. Aids in menstrual symptom relief.
  • Chaste Tree Extract - Can provide menstrual symptom relief.
  • Setria® Glutathione - Antioxidant rich. Neutralizes free radicals.
  • BioPerine® - Increased bioavailability of key nutrients.

Not every supplement is about “the gains.” While the sports nutrition and performance space, as the name implies, justifiably focuses on supplements that maximize athletic performance, too often the space neglects imperatives outside the gym. That is, the space ignores that we all exist outside the gym, at home and in the workplace, and have supplemental needs in these spaces too – to help us respond to and optimize our daily lives. This is especially true for women, who are too often marketed only “weight loss” supplements, ignoring that women have extensive physiological needs.

And let’s face it: modern life only exacerbates these needs. Environmental stressors, work, inconsistent diet, and poor sleep habits all contribute to a lifestyle deleterious to the homeostasis of key bodily systems. Chief among them, the complex endocrine pathway that regulates the synthesis, distribution, and uptake of hormones. It is becoming increasingly hard to maintain the healthy and normal hormonal homeostasis that allows us to perform optimally in the gym and workplace. This is especially true for women.

Core POISE is a unique and specifically formulated solution to this problem. Our tailored ingredient profile addresses the mechanisms associated with the body’s stress response. Key ingredients such as magnesium, DIM, Chaste berry, and pregnenolone, are all heavily involved in sex hormone biosynthesis and estrogen balance, and some have been demonstrated to mitigate some of the discomfort associated with PMS. Other ingredients, such as iodine, turmeric extract and Olea europaea help optimize your body’s response to stress, providing and supporting thyroid health. Stress impact on the thyroid can lead to a suppressed metabolism, which can lead to unwanted weight gain. So, while POISE will not make your life easier, it certainly makes responding to it easier.


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